DPF Cleaning starter kit


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DPF cleaning starter kit

Here at ECS we can offer a complete DPF cleaning kit. All our own products made here in Scotland. With our extensive knowledge we can give you the best start to DPF cleaning. You will require an air compressor to use this system. In addition you will also require to use this product in accordance with local HSE guidance. This will include proper disposal of waste products and exhaust gas extraction / filtering equipment.

Starter kit contents

In our starter pack you get ECS DPF cleaning fluid pack. This is enough for 5 vehicles of any size. You also get the ECS DPF cleaning gun to apply the fluid. Our special DPF cleaning gun has been developed specifically to get the best from our fluid.


ECS offer support to all our dealers that is second to none. We have an enviable reputation for providing industry leading support to our dealers. All our equipment has our special warranty and we offer ECS dealer plus giving fixed price repairs to carbon cleaning machines for life. So when it comes to support we are there to help you when you need us most.


All our products are available from our website. This is the easiest way to order. Payments are safe and problem free. You can use PayPal credit if you have this setup on your PayPal account. Once you fill in all details required and make payment securely on the website we will process your order. Furthermore you will receive an email from one of our team confirming your order and giving you any further information including tracking number.

Need training ?

If you need training then you can look at our ECS DPF cleaning package. DPF cleaning starter package

This will give you our DPF cleaning starter kit plus an online interactive training course.



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