ECS 6C Pro Truck carbon cleaning machine


ECS 6C Pro 24v Truck engine carbon cleaning machine

ECS 6C Pro 24v Truck

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ECS 6C Pro Truck carbon cleaning machine

After years of development the long awaited ECS 6C Pro Truck carbon cleaning machine is here. Our new range of ECS 6C Pro machines designed by us here in the UK and also built in the UK in a factory with ISO 9001. We have a 3 machine range covering cars, trucks and High Capacity engines for industrial use. By tailoring each machine to a specific range of engines we can ensure the right machine for your needs.

Our new ECS 6C Pro truck carbon cleaning machine is only weeks away. The full range will be 3 machines starting with the 12v car machine , then a 24v truck machine and finally a 24v High Capacity machine for large commercial engines in industrial equipment. All will be using the same design and casing making them really portable but feeling solid. As we get ready to finally launch our new ECS 6C Pro range of portable carbon cleaning machines the addition of the 24v machine is a first in many ways.

Here is why.

First 24v portable engine carbon cleaning machine with patented design – connects to vehicle battery
We use use a patented and trademarked fluid using powder detergents – provides good, safe cleaning
Our machine is the first portable in the commercial market place – our first machines made in 1998
CE approved and fully tested design of this type – a must for selling products in the UK and Europe
UK designed and built machine of it’s type – over 30 years of expertise in our products
First commercially available machine to offer 3 years warranty – we have faith in our products

About the ECS 6c Pro

Small but strong the ECS 6C Pro range offer a portable machine with a strong and robust feel. The steel frame is powder coated for long lasting looks and the machine is a nice weight making it feel sturdy.  The electronic control offers a digital timer that counts down from 60 minutes and when at zero it stops the machine plus giving the operator a time left on the display to allowing them to effectively manage their time. A time effective and cost effective way to engine carbon clean trucks. For more details just email or call free.

ECS 6C Pro 24v Truck

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