ECS Dealer Plus


ECS Dealer Plus only use this when instructed by a team member



ECS Dealer Plus

With ECS Dealer Plus you have fixed price repairs to your machine. If your ECS carbon cleaning machine needs repairs out of warranty or accidental repairs then this covered. All machines either second-hand or new that we sell come with this comprehensive cover. There is no setup cost and we carry out all repairs for a set price to keep your machine working for life. This is per repair and not to get this cover. Only use this when instructed by a member of our team.

What’s covered ?

When we sell a new or used machine you automatically get ECS Dealer Plus. You may need to provide information to allow us to verify that your machine is covered. But rest assured that we can help. We look after our dealers. As a manufacturer we support our products for life. Any damage or non working machines are covered. Accidental damage or even repairs for your insurance company are undertaken. When a part is no longer available we will either make a part or come up with a replacement. Dropped a machine ? Then we will cover this and repair the machine to a working condition. Reverse polarity or overvoltage is covered and our circuit boards have protection for this. When casings or parts are no longer made by us then we will do the best we can to repair your machine with the newest parts available.

How to use ECS Dealer Plus

Contact us direct about your problem first. You will then be given a return address direct to our workshop facility. Once we have your machine we will let you know how to proceed. Only purchase this product when instructed to do so by a member of our team. This is a payment for our dealers to use ECS Dealer Plus only which is authorised by a member of our team. The price will be £99 plus return postage of £15. All repairs are covered by a 12 months warranty.

ECS Dealer Plus

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