ECS HDP 8000mk6



ECS HDP 8000mk6 latest carbon cleaning machine just launched

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ECS HDP 8000mk6 carbon cleaning machine

The ECS HDP 8000mk6 carbon cleaning machine is now here. Using some of the technology our machines have used for the last 30 years. The ECS HDP 8000mk6 carbon cleaning machine is an updated version of the very popular HDP 8000 series of machines. And using our ECS Twin Helix stainless steel fuel cell this machine gives unrivalled performance. Furthermore our latest technology in detergent fluid is something no other machine uses.

ECS Engine carbon cleaning Benefits

ECS HDP 8000mk6 carbon cleaning machine is a 12v machine powered from the subject vehicle. It can work on all engines thanks to timelord technology from 50cc engines to 8000cc engines.  We have successfully used this machine on bikes, cars, vans, tractors and small trucks.

The electronics control the safe operation making the machine automatic with no adjustments necessary. Furthermore similar to our high end machines the built in timer stops the machine after 60 minutes. We use our patented machine fluid which differs from others as we use detergent based cleaning rather than trying to use hydrogen on it’s own as hydrogen has no cleaning properties. A well proven design with full CE approval making it safe and legal to sell.

How much fluid does ECS HDP 8000mk6 use ?

Our machines atomise the fluid so it can last a long time. Most users can get around 1 year from the fluid before needing more. However it is possible to use de-ionised water to top up which will only dilute the mix a little over time. We sell the fluid in our online shop here on the website.  Furthermore you should know that this is a detergent chemical fluid and as such should be stored and used in accordance with local HSE guidance.

How to purchase

We only sell direct with this hand made machine. Every machine comes ready to use straight out of the box. And of course you get our 24 months warranty for further piece of mind. To get your machine just simply browse our website and add to cart. For more information simply email us at

ECS HDP 8000mk6

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