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ECS Hydrogen on demand kits

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ECS Hydrogen on demand kit

We have redesigned and produced our ECS hydrogen on demand kits. This is a very popular way to reduce emissions and carbon deposits on petrol or diesel engines. Hydrogen on demand kits are available on the internet from various sources. But the ECS hydrogen on demand kit is different. We use our newly designed and tested stainless steel fuel cell with a fully automatic electronic control unit that requires no adjustments. The carefully programmed unit controls output and has many safety features to protect itself and your vehicle. Our new cell design gives very pure hydrogen and great results.

Will the ECS Hydrogen on demand kit improve mpg ?

This is something we often get asked. However the answer is not the same for every vehicle. You might find you get a small improvement in mpg and you might not. Test vehicles have shown improvements in mpg but not consistently and it depends on the type of driving and the driver themselves. The ECS hydrogen on demand kit will help improve burn efficiency of the fuel to reduce unwanted carbon deposits and lower emissions and this is proven. If you get any other improvements then it’s a bonus.

Are ECS Hydrogen on demand kits tested?

Yes all ECS products go through both our own rigorous testing plus outside independent testing. Our kit is CE and UKCM approved and has undergone all testing required and additional testing we felt was necessary. Furthermore we have been working in this field and testing hydrogen products since 1987. Giving you piece of mind.

Is this a new product ?

No is the straight answer. We have been working on this new fuel cell design since 1990. It’s taken a long time with lots of miles of road testing on our own vehicles. Reduced emissions and reduced carbon build up is what have always been about. This product is no different. We have some excellent test results from over 120 vehicles and over 1 million miles. So not a new product but just launched after lots of testing.

What comes in the kit ?

The ECS hydrogen on demand kit comes with everything needed. These are simple enough to fit. However we recommend getting it fitted by one of our trained dealers.

Is there a Warranty ?

Yes. Furthermore our products are industry leading so we provide an industry leading return to base warranty of 2 years on all ECS Hydrogen on demand kits for manufacturing defects.


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