HDP 8000 mk4 auto used



HDP 8000 mk4 auto machine used

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HDP 8000 mk4 auto used

Here is our carbon machine HDP 8000 mk4 auto used which is compact and easy to use carbon cleaning machine is for use on up to 8000 cc engines both petrol and diesel. This little machine is our most popular machine throughout our dealer network and is now the Mk4 version. This is the last of this model and is also a fully auto machine.  Very easy to use and maintain and ultra reliable. Very low cost per vehicle treatment makes this a good investment for any business. Available from stock and at a very reasonable price ,there are very few carbon cleaning machines that can offer this sort of performance and low cost of treatment in this size of machine especially on 12v system. We are proud to produce the only “pure hydrogen” machine. We do not use Koh potassium hydroxide in our machines.

So why the HDP 8000 auto used

So lets get down to the reason why you should buy one of our machines. Lets say you do 1 carbon clean a day for £80 and work 5 days a week then that would be £400 per week or £1600 per month work for 50 weeks a year and earn £20,000 a year for just 1 hours work a day. Image working at this full time 8-10 hours a day once you build up your customer base and the return customers and you soon see the it’s a no brainer. Add this to your existing business or as a new venture and you too will see the results.

Our carbon machine HDP 8000 mk4 auto used offers garages and mobile operators the chance to offer this service. We can also offer this machine in wholesale and unbranded. Contact us about this option. HDP 8000 mk4 auto used machines are very rare as we only produced small production runs of these.

Simple to use and easy to maintain. Subsequently this is a good purchase for any business. Want to find out more about this product? Then simply contact us by email or call for an informal chat about your requirements. All machines are from stock and can be sent out the same day. We offer a 2 year warranty with our new mk4 version. For the price of a service of the machine we will give a further warranty for 12 months at anytime. You also get our fixed price repairs for life on any of our machines for added piece of mind. End user testimonies available.

Machine user comment

“Just thought I’d drop you guy’s an email about the carbon machine HDP 8000 mk4 auto used. Having been in a franchise for decarbonising before I was sceptical of your machine especially when you see the size of it. However the customers always give good feedback and notice a difference in their cars. We have become really busy with it now and it’s super reliable, easy to use and it’s a great addition to the business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone thinking of getting involved in carbon cleaning and the only advise I could give is don’t try anything else. Great product, great service great price”.



Dimensions – 300mm Height , 230mm Wide , 120 Depth
Power requirements – 12v dc supply from subject vehicle.

Comes with optional carry handles fitted.

Fluid type – ECS Ltd special 11 chemical mix designed for petrol and diesel engines.
Vehicle types – 49cc to 8000cc petrol or diesel plus Mazda Rotary safe.

Fully automatic so no adjustments.



Low cost of use
Low maintenance
Manufactured and designed by us in the UK and available from stock. Full 2 year warranty. Fixed price repairs for life on all new and used machines.

Call or email to info@enginecarbonsolutions.co.uk.

HDP 8000 mk4 auto used

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