Hydrogen on demand system


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HHO on demand system for cars and vans.

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Hydrogen on demand system

With years of testing we have created a hydrogen on demand system. So what does this do ? Well it can reduce emissions on petrol and diesel vehicles. Also we have tested this system for many years on our own vehicles and have obtained emissions testing before and after fitting. This proves the technology works. Furthermore fitting a hydrogen on demand system keeps the engine internals clean due to reducing the carbon produced during combustion. Plus this is a DIY fit and takes around 15-20 mins on most vehicles to install. Remember all our kits are CE approved for your safety.

So can it be fitted to any vehicle ?

Most vehicle engines can benefit from HHO on demand system. Either petrol or diesel engines can benefit. We have even fitted systems to tractors, generators and lots of other engines. Some of our own vehicles have cover more than 300,000 miles with these systems fitted. During testing we carried out before and after emissions testing. These tests proved the emissions had been lowered.

What’s involved in fitting it ?

Well the HHO on demand system comes as a kit with everything you need. A simple manual and diagram is provided to help you install it. You need to connect the positive and negative wires to the battery of the vehicle. Then connect the hose to the inlet manifold air intake after the air filter. This is done by slackening off the hose clip on the air intake pipe of the vehicle and sliding our special hose under and tightening up. Next is just to secure the tank and control unit. Next put in the electrolyte and water. Finally just start the car up and adjust the control unit as required and that’s it. Now enjoy the benefits of HHO. You can also remove the kit and put it on your next vehicle.

How to purchase

To get your HHO on demand system is easy. Just add to cart. If you need any info or help you can email us and we will help you.

HHO on demand system

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