Vehicle Emissions

Vehicle Emissions

Here at ECS we provide low vehicle emissions technologies to all petrol and diesel engines. Using our own patented designs with decades of testing we can offer the best solution for you. We offer hydrogen based technologies for internal combustion engines. While this not only provides a better running engine with fewer issues which are caused by carbon build up but also reduces emissions output. Here are the details from our own van showing the emissions reductions we did using one of our own hydrogen on demand systems. Please note that in order to get comparable results we would require to design a bespoke system as every vehicle is different.

Example of our work

Make: Ford
Model: Fiesta
Engine: 1600 Euro 5
Year: 2012
Fuel: Diesel
Mileage : 77,900
CO: 27.8% reduction (combined)
NOx: 31.2% reduction
PN: 86% reduction
MPG: 10% improvement average over a 500 mile test.
This is a useful and cost effective way to reduce emissions and improve your vehicle.

How do you do this ?

Well we have been working on low emissions technologies for a while now. There are several ways to achieve this but we find hydrogen technology the best and most cost effective way to achieve the results we get. Vehicle emissions is a bit issue nowadays. We all hear about it on the news and in the papers. Our research and design has been ongoing since 1987 and we have several university professors and lecturers involved including myself. Early hydrogen technology and what we have now is massively different. In our everyday lives technology has moved forward and this is no different. With over 1600 vehicles and engines of different types having been tested we have come a long way. A little hydrogen mixed into the air intake on any petrol or diesel engine improves fuel burn efficiency but does it improve fuel economy ? Well this is the question that many want to say is snake oil, however the research and testing we do says it can. Not all the time but some of the time. The main thing and what seems to be the most important one now is vehicle emissions and this is something we can reduce.


vehicle emissions

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