Vehicle Tuning Boxes

Vehicle Tuning Boxes

We offer vehicle tuning boxes for all vehicle makes and models. These are not the usual kind you will find. Vehicle tuning boxes can be used on turbo charged petrol or diesel vehicles. We can offer a full fitting service or send the units by mail order from our online shop. However these tuning boxes can be used on your next vehicle with only a small charge for reprogramming and a change of wiring harness if required. Furthermore we can alter the mapping of each unit to get the best option for your vehicle.

Bluespark Tuning

We are a distributor for Bluespark tuning. This allows us to give you the best products available here in the UK. Safe in the knowledge that you will have full piece of mind. Often considered as a safer option than remapping your vehicle’s ecu which is often the source of issues like warranty or poor running. However these units can be removed quickly and refitted by the end user.

Purchasing your tuning box

All we require is your registration number and most of the time this is enough information. We can then prepare a unit for either you to fit yourself or arrange fitting by one of our technicians. You will receive everything you need to install the unit including comprehensive instructions. Furthermore we are here to help if required. However you can always have us fit it if needed.

Changing your vehicle

If you find you need to change your vehicle don’t worry. We can easily assist you by changing the wiring harness if needed plus reprogramming the unit for your next vehicle. And again if you need help to remove the tuning box from your old car and reinstall it to your new vehicle this can also be done for you. Simply email us the details and we can get everything organised for you. Remember we have a dealer network of installers covering the UK. For further information please feel free to contact us direct. One of our dedicated team of experts are ready to assist you.

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