Become A Dealer for ECS

Become a dealer for ECS

Would you like to become a dealer of Engine Carbon Solutions? Want to do DPF cleaning, Engine Carbon Cleaning or both ? Want to fit hydrogen on demand systems to lower carbon build up ?We offer great deals for new dealers. Since 1987 we started getting into hydrogen technology. Starting to understand it and testing the effects during time at University it was easy to see it could be done better.

Our dealers benefit from this knowledge with full back up and warranty of products plus out of warranty fixed price repairs to engine carbon cleaning machines for life. No monthly costs no commitments just purchase the equipment or training that you require. Need a web presence ? All our equipment is designed and built by us which is rare. Starting back in 1987 we gained a lot of experience testing our technology. And furthermore we have continued testing of our products to provide the best we can to our dealers.

Our products have full testing to CE approval plus destruction and EMC testing. We never compromise on safety or performance. Everything we do is to provide the best we can not just for us but for our dealers. Please get in contact us with directly via email ( or phone (0800 774 7134) for more information.

We are currently looking for new dealers in many areas. So get in touch now to learn what we can offer.

Already doing this ?

Already a dealer for another company ? Want to chat about what we could offer ? We offer only our own products. All products are designed and manufactured by us here in the UK. Fully tested equipment, no quibble warranty, extendable warranty at any time. Backup and support by people who do this and have do this for a long time. Then you have nothing to lose. Get in touch now for a chat about your future.

Are you currently doing carbon cleaning or DPF cleaning on cars and vans ? Want to do heavy industry vehicles of all sizes ? Then we have DPF fluid tested with major manufacturers for Trucks, Agri , Excavators, fixed engines and more. All our products are tested on all vehicle types. Open up new markets and new customers to increase your business. Don’t be trapped.

What to do

Why not get in touch and ask about our special offers for new dealers. Because our used or demo equipment is fully refurbished here this means we can offer warranty on all equipment.

Need anymore reasons ? Then get in touch to find out about the special offers we have for new dealers here at ECS.

Become a dealer for ECS


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