ECS online shop

ECS online shop.

Here you can look at our products here at the ECS online shop. Not sure if one of the products is for you ? Just get in touch. One of our team will be happy to help you. We have DPF cleaning products all the way to our premium engine carbon cleaning machines for sale direct. You may require more information for some of our products and we understand this. New products like the ECS 6C Pro and ECS budget range of engine carbon cleaning machines and our ECS Ultimate DPF cleaning fluid are available from stock. PayPal accepted so if you have PayPal credit you can use this pay for goods and split the costs. Our products are our own, not rebadged products from Asia. All our products are VAT free.

Is it safe ?

Yes the ECS online shop meets all legislation and is safe to use.

Yes we offer all the latest security on our shop and use online partners to provide secure payment areas. Made a mistake ? Simple just get in touch and our dedicated team will resolve your issues including full refunds. Our privacy policy sets out what we do to protect your data.

Technical help

No problem. Because we manufacture all products we have team members ready to answer your questions. Our team are trained and product knowledge is what we do best. Who better to speak to than the people who make the products. Best of all it’s free to call or email. Even after purchase we can help with technical questions or advice. Just ask.

Anything else ?

If you need product information or perhaps advice on any of our products suitability then it’s just a simple free phone call away. Our dedicated team will be happy to advise you if a product is best for your needs. Sometimes our second-hand products often get sold quickly. Although this is a good thing for us it can often mean the site isn’t updated fast enough. To help we may be able to give you a further 10% discount off a similar new product as a way to say sorry. We try hard to keep things up to date. Remember you can call us free to discuss your requirements.



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