ECS Ultimate DPF cleaning fluid


ECS Ultimate DPF cleaning fluid.

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ECS Ultimate DPF cleaning fluid

Here at Engine Carbon Solutions we have our own blend of DPF cleaning fluid. This is a 2 stage process using 2 different fluids. Firstly we use our active foam pre soak fluid. Then our special flush fluid.  This is put into the DPF on the vehicle using any air operated spray gun or any DPF cleaning machine. Our fluid is removing both carbon/ soot and ash deposits. A very cost effective fluid. Each fluid pack does 5 vehicles so only £30 per vehicle. We can make this for any company in bulk quantities if required. Just get in touch by email to or call 0800 774 7134 to discuss your requirements.

How DPF cleaning fluid is used

We use 1 litre of this fluid and once in we let is soak in for 15-20 mins. After the soak we run the engine at 2000 rpm while putting in the stage 2 fluid. Then we use the stage 2 fluid called the rinse agent this removes the soot / carbon and ash content plus the foam to leave the DPF clean. After a full regeneration by diagnostics is done the car is now ready to go back on the road. We have used this fluid now for over 10 years and find it excellent.

How is this supplied ?

Our fluid pack contains 5 litres of each fluid and will clean 5 vehicles and is suitable for cars, vans, tractors, trucks , buses and excavators. We sell the fluid packs in single 10 litre fluid packs or bulb. Price is dependant on order quantity. Our maximum tank size is 1000 litres of each fluid. Furthermore this can be delivered direct to you from our Aberdeen depot. We can also make this for any company with your own details on the packs. To discuss your requirements just drop us an email to or call 0800 774 7134. Insist on original ECS ultimate DPF cleaning fluid.

ECS Ultimate DPF cleaning fluid


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