ECS Cleaning machine warranty – 1 year


ECS carbon cleaning machine 1 year warranty


ECS Cleaning machine warranty – 1 year

When you buy an ECS cleaning machine warranty you know your product is protected. And that it has been through our workshop and on the test bench to make sure it’s in great condition. In order to give you more confidence we can offer our very own additional warranties. These are the same as you get with a new machine. This 1 year warranty will give you in addition to the warranty on your machine an additional 1 year.

Can I buy this if I already have an ECS machine ?

Simply put yes. However you would need to return the machine to us prior to purchasing the warranty. This is to ensure that the machine meets the criteria for warranty. If it does then no problem. Our team will guide you through the process. If not then we can give you a quote to get the machine to the required standard. Just get in touch to find out more.

Is there a machine age limit ?

No you can even have one of our HDP 8000 mk1 machines from 1986 and you can still purchase a warranty. You will require to send the machine. This is a simple process just contact the team for what you need to do and we will take you step by step.

What machines are covered by ECS cleaning machine warranty?

Only ECS carbon cleaning machines are covered by our warranties. Any HDP 8000 mk1, mk2, mk3, mk4 or mk5 or ECS 6C Pro machines.

Is servicing required ?

Yes we require you to maintain the machine. We offer annual servicing at very reasonable costs. So you can keep the machine working at optimum performance. During the service we perform a health check and this gives you piece of mind. Any adjustments will be performed during this service. Furthermore you will get our machine fluid free so you can know that the machine is working at it’s best.

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